About the Founder of 30g’s For Life

About Dinah McQueen

I am healing my body from MS using the plan outlined in the book “Healing Multiple Sclerosis” by Ann Boroch.

Dinah McQueenI have been symptom-free since mid 2010 with significant healing of the optic nerve and other lesions. I enjoy running 5ks, biking, hiking and being out in nature.  I also love doing energy healing for my family and others.   It brings much joy to my heart to help others feel better and have a quality life.

My partner Tina and I have been together for over six years and have 5 fur babies.  We have 2 dogs and 3 cats.  Tina and I enjoy cooking and eating healthy natural meals, and we also inspire each other in 5k races and on long bike rides.  Life is so much more fulfilling when it is shared with a loving companion.

In addition to my own personal journey to a healthier lifestyle, I have completed the Nutritional Consultant and Master Herbalist programs at the Global Institute for Alternative Medicine.  I have been practicing natural healing energy channeling for over 14 years.  The basis of my healing energy practice is Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.  Reiki is the activation and application of universal life energy to promote balance, healing, and wholeness.  I am a Reiki master.  I provide training and attunements for all levels of Reiki.   I have used Reiki to channel healing energy for clients all over the world.  In addition to utilizing Reiki energy, I work with natural crystal patterns to enhance the healing process for clients.   

I believe that all healing energy comes from God.   It is important to keep the connection strong with prayer and daily meditation.   Make this a practice and your life will be overflowing with goodness and love.

The 30g’s for Life program was created from my personal journey to recover my health and enjoy daily vitality. 

After reading three books that outlined ways to heal my body from MS naturally, I concluded that sugar was a common denominator in all of the programs.  All of the plans from the books suggested eliminating or significantly reducing sugar consumption.   I believe that Americans consume far too much sugar and the reduction or elimination of sugar from daily food consumption can reduce inflammation, obesity, diabetes II, and many other physical complaints.

Are you ready to commit to enjoying a healthier lifestyle? 

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