Jamana Sessions

Jamana is a set of healing symbols based on the English alphabet. 

Jamana is a gift from Aiocntana. Aiocntana was a female Shaman from an Apache tribe in the Sedona, AZ area.

She was saddened by the oppression of the Native Americans and the taking of their land.

Aiocntana gives the energy healing symbols as a gift from her heart to show love and forgiveness.

Use these gifts wisely and only for the wellbeing of oneself and others. Spread love to all.

The Jamana practice includes a master symbol for each of our body systems. 

With each body system, there is a Jamana symbol for specific areas within that system. Jamana is easy to practice and use for healing. It is based on feeling the energy of each symbol and then using that symbol to support your healing. 

Sessions start by visualizing the Jamana master symbol. The second step is to visualize the master symbol connected with the body part you want to heal.  The third step is visualizing the symbol for the specific area of treatment. In the healing session you will visualize and draw each symbol three times.

Jamana coaching sessions are also available. Please fill out my contact form and I will call you to schedule an appointment.

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