About Aiocntana and Jamana

I did not learn a lot about Aiocntana during the process of receiving the Jamana energy symbols (connectors).  She did share that she was a Shaman from the Apache tribe in Sedona, AZ area.  She felt deeply hurt and scarred from the persecution and execution of Native Americans by the American settlers.

She has shared the Jamana practice with us as a way to demonstrate forgiveness.   It is her gift of love to America.  She wants us to experience optimal health and love for ourselves as well as others.

Jamana is based on the English alphabet.  I liken the symbols to a power grid.  As the Jamana master symbol, system symbol, and specific body part symbol are activated, the healing energy has a map (grid) to follow directly to where you need healing support.  I invite you to check out the book and starting optimizing your health today.

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