I am passionate about reducing and eliminating added sugars from my daily food consumption. I have experienced healing and improved health by eliminating sugar from my food selections.

I encourage you to check out 30g’s for Life.   Is your BMI above the normal range? Find out under tools

Do you know how much sugar you consume on a daily basis? I just saw a screen flash on Yahoo that said we consume on average 20 teaspoons a day and that is 80 grams.   If you start reading product labels, you will find a majority of our prepared foods have added sugar. Find out how much you are consuming per day by using to get started. This app is available on android and iOS. Check out this demonstration on how to use the app to track your daily sugar consumption.

Another option is to use a tally counter app such as “Advanced Tally Counter”. Tally counters provide a place to enter and track grams consumed each time you eat.

Start today by downloading the e-book “5 Ways to Drastically Reduce Sugar Consumption”.  What are you waiting for? Sign up for 30g’s for Life today.

  1. Dinah, your story about how you have come to the 30gs for Life program through your personal battle with MS is an inspiring one!

  2. Thank you

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