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Why does the word commitment make us nervous?  Is it the fear of failure? Is it the belief we are not enough? I know you are enough and you can be successful in reducing your daily sugar consumption.    We will do it together.  We will meet weekly […]

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I am concerned about the epidemic rate of obesity in America. Are you?

I have created the 30g’s for Life sugar management program as an easy way to stop this epidemic.  The program provides coaching, motivation, and support weekly.  Let’s stop the epidemic together.   We can do this.  It is not that hard.  Take the first step today, download my […]

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About Aiocntana and Jamana

I did not learn a lot about Aiocntana during the process of receiving the Jamana energy symbols (connectors).  She did share that she was a Shaman from the Apache tribe in Sedona, AZ area.  She felt deeply hurt and scarred from the persecution and execution of Native […]

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